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Carol Urton

​Patricia Wenskunas
Founder CEO, Crime Survivors, Inc. and Orange County Crime Stoppers

With Faith there is HOPE.  Carol Urton's story is compelling, riveting and empowering.  Carol is truly a survivor that has been guided by the hopeful healing power of God.  She not only survives, she thrives!

Abandoned at age two by her father, Carol was thrust into a life of unrelenting sexual abuse and child pornography when her mother remarried a deacon in their local church.  At age 14, Carol began her journey of trying to find peace among the shattered pieces of her life.  After years of running from the truth, she had to face her past.  Carol began to try and answer her biggest question..."Where is God? When Hope Hurts." She knew she had to make a choice and to choose life, she had to choose to be free.  She ultimately found freedom from the debilitating hurts of her childhood and adult life through the healing process of forgiveness, salvation, and above all HOPE in a loving God who never leaves and never forsakes.  

A must read for anyone who has experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment of any kind, 
or knows someone who has.

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Carl Westerlund
Assistant pastor, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

"The process of forgiveness is painful, but it produces great rewards.  Carol Long/Urton had parent figures that abused and abandoned her.  In the midst of her personal hell, she achieved a new perspective on life.  Carol recounts her intimate story with honesty, telling of failures as well as successes."  

Jim Palmer
President, Orange County Rescue Mission

"In the midst of pain and tragedy, when we feel abandoned and alone, God can be hard to find.  Carol's story of strength and survival is a testament to God's love and faithfulness and serves as assurance to all of us that God never leaves us and lives can truly be restored.  We know this to be true, just as we get to see these truths every day at the Orange County Rescue Mission."  

Jon McHatton
Publisher at A Book's Mind 

"Carol is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the grievous "error" when life loses all hope.  She has not only written an amazing book, "Where is God When Hope Hurts," but also has taken her own hopelessness and turned it into nonprofit organizations and ministries that make a difference.  Many theorize about transformation, Carol lives it!  I recommend her as an author and great communicator (she know what she is talking about); complete with a compassionate heart and competent head to bring solutions to human need."